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28 Hägervägen
Enskede, Stockholms län, 122 39

fe:male store is a Cool Colourful Raw Femininity Unisex Fashion & Accessories store with a touch of inspiration from Korean streetstyle. For people that likes it different and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

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fe:male store blog is where you find the latest updates about fashion, new products and creativity and also the process of building a brand as an entrepreneur and what obstacles you can come across. Join our community!

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Jasmine Furelid


I'm TWISTED and so is my Marc By Marc Jacobs dress. My favourite piece from my uniform, the most comfortable fabric ever and it feels like you walking around in your very oh so stylish pyjamas.

This dress is pretty striking and colourful so I wear just some plain Adidas old school Stan Smiths with it. If you want a jacket to match up with it I would probably also say something more plain. Like a black bomber jacket or something, that would do the trick :)


Dress: Marc By Marc Jacobs

Trainers: Adidas, Stan Smith

Customised necklace: Order personalised one HERE!

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Jasmine Furelid

If you been following my journey you know I do love my colors. So when I started my new job as a sales assistant in Marc by Marc Jacobs a few months back I was thrilled to pick my colourful uniform! Fall 2014 collection is one of my favourite because is totally out there. Riiight up my street!

This dress is in silk and quite rigid. What I love about this is that its a 1960's cut on it. It also have two pockets in the front and it fits like a dream! I like to mix this edgy colourful dress up with a pair of fishnet tights and some football socks, obvs! And to get that ruffness to it  ( since I dont like looking cute :P ) I wear my all time favourite Cat Colorado Boots.  It is also very cold in London right now so what is more perfect then a vintage fur!


Dress: Marc By Marc Jacobs

Fur: Portobello Market

Boots: Cat Colorado Boots


Want to see more of how I wear my Marc By Marc Jacobs Uniform?

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Jasmine Furelid


Is that time again people, this grey weather got to me now real bad! I therefore spice it up with a little bit of colour, off course! Yet again another colourful piece from Marc By Marc Jacobs with a real pyjama feel :)

Also fur always works for this cold weather and I think it can make an outfit a little bit more fancy. Here I'm wearing my Levis baggy straight cut mens jeans ( yes mens jeans, I love them! ) with a folded up edge. To make the outfit slighty more poppin I added a pair of fishnet tights underneath.  I fell inlove with this street art wall in Brick Lane. Paper butterflies what more can you ask for :) !

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Jasmine Furelid

When Agenda approach me being a part of The New Chieftains I was so honoured since I am a big fan of his photography, skills and his mind. I met Agenda a few years back when I first moved to London when he approach me to model for him. I did a few shoots and the result was always spot on ( See images below ). What I didn't like ( at the time ) is that he always said to me while shooting: "No Jazzy, Im just testing the settings right now..." So I obviously I didn't pose as I normally do and he managed to catch ( without me knowing ) me just being natural. Now, thats is exactly what I do like about his photography. He don't just capture an amazing picture, there is life to his photography and he captures peoples souls. 


 Agenda X JFStylissimo previous shoots 

Meaning of A New Chieftain:

"The New Chieftains are a unique tribe of talent who embody tenacity and resilience. They are non-conformists whose instinct to succeed is driven by passion, instinct, endeavour and challenge. These qualities, alongside the way in which they approach life and work, amplify their unconventionality. They can be found in many different arenas including education, design, philanthropy, food and music. The New Chieftains do not cut corners in an effort to succeed."

So we did the shoot in my room, where all the magic happens :) This is where I style myself, create new things and develop ideas and constantly working so I thought it was the perfect spot for us to shoot. In the picture below you can see a few of my key things in my life when it comes to me and my creative work: My macbook, my sewing machine, my mannequin and off course my life moodboard. This represent me and Im so glad he captured everything in one pic.

I had a chat with Agendas sister Daphne on the phone and we ended up chatting for ages. She sums me up in beautiful words and I am thankful and also happy to be able to share this with you guys!



"Brave little warrior she is not. She does not care who may stop and stare, as the creativity that comes from her is worth it. She shows many faces; who will she be today?

Daring to push boundaries laid before her, 'a trier' not design to quit Jasmine comes boundlessly with a cool energy dunked in the softness of her heart.

The Stylish Stylissimo knows her subjects reading them telepathically, getting into their psyche crowning them in their full glory. But where is her crown? Though her road has been tough she has walked thrugh it in her own tenacious way looking only towards her inner self as the ultimate guiding light.

Always continue to be you Jasmine. "


You can now pop in to Nude Espresso, 26 Hanbury Street London to see the massive canvas of my face and the rest of The New Chieftains hanging on the wall. I did get pretty shocked first time I went in since I didnt realise the canvas was that big! It will be there for another 6 weeks so make sure you grab a coffe and enjoy the view of The New Chieftains!

Also watch out for behind the scenes shots COMING SOON!


Follow The New Chieftains here:



Follow Agenda here:






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