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fe:male store is a Cool Colourful Raw Femininity Unisex Fashion & Accessories store with a touch of inspiration from Korean streetstyle. For people that likes it different and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

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fe:male store blog is where you find the latest updates about fashion, new products and creativity and also the process of building a brand as an entrepreneur and what obstacles you can come across. Join our community!

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Jasmine Furelid


Me and Ala did a shoot a while back. This is the result, fun times :)

Makeup & Photography: Ala Hojat

I also put together a little video about being BeYOUtiful, you can read the post HERE.

Videography: Ala Hojat

Edits: Jasmine Furelid

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Jasmine Furelid

Lately I been keeping it quite simple. Nice to have a little change sometimes but then again you know me, I like to switch it up every day so its all depending on my mood :) 

My rings are essentials for me! If I don't wear them when Im walking out from my house, I feel naked! Its crazy and I know there is other big problems in the world but I always have to go back and get them haha

These soft and straight fit vintage Gucci jeans are one of my favourites. They're colourful, cool and sit very comfortable. The blue leopard pattern is pretty sick if you ask me. This look is quite casual and streetwear ( even if I hate that word ) so I match it up with my boots to tone down the casual look.

I recently bought this heavy knitted top in Zara. Yet again this was a bargain, just the way I like it!

Trousers: Vintage Gucci ( Camden Market )

Earrings: Forever21

Top: Zara

Hair: Fringe by Moi, Ponytail extensions Paks

Photography: Dominika Wojciechowska

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Jasmine Furelid

Lately I been into matching sets and I manage to find this little cute bargain on Ebay for £5! #EbayAddict

I thought I would show it off for you guys :) The material is so soft with a sparkly kind of tone in brown/green shine.

Since its pretty 80's I decided to break it off with a grey hoodie and a cropped top in the same colour. You can dress it up or dress it down, here I decided to wear a chunky boot but works with trainers or high heels aswell. 


Be matchy matchy and rock you suitset like a queen that you are...


2 Piece Suit: Ebay

Hoodie: H&M

Cropped top: Primark


Photography: Dominika Wojciechowska

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Jasmine Furelid

If you been following my journey you know I do love my colors. So when I started my new job as a sales assistant in Marc by Marc Jacobs a few months back I was thrilled to pick my colourful uniform! Fall 2014 collection is one of my favourite because is totally out there. Riiight up my street!

This dress is in silk and quite rigid. What I love about this is that its a 1960's cut on it. It also have two pockets in the front and it fits like a dream! I like to mix this edgy colourful dress up with a pair of fishnet tights and some football socks, obvs! And to get that ruffness to it  ( since I dont like looking cute :P ) I wear my all time favourite Cat Colorado Boots.  It is also very cold in London right now so what is more perfect then a vintage fur!


Dress: Marc By Marc Jacobs

Fur: Portobello Market

Boots: Cat Colorado Boots


Want to see more of how I wear my Marc By Marc Jacobs Uniform?

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Jasmine Furelid

We all know about double denim but what about triple denim?! Thats more like it ey :) SInce you know I like to spice it up a bit more and make it more my own I decided to go for  triple denim look. A denim jacket from Primark on top of a vintage denim jacket from GAP.

Recently I been very into a straight loose fit and here I am wearing vintage mens Levis from Rokit in a bigger size then normal. I need a belt to keep them up :) Since the fit of the denim are pretty baggy, spice it up with a more feminine belt to balance it. I wear neat trainers since the trousers are so straight and baggy it breaks it off good and here I choose a pair of New Balance.


Last but not least, JEWELLRY! Mainly rings and bangles.

Show me your tripledenim outfits! I want to see how you rock it :)


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Jasmine Furelid

And here we are again...Another year, flying by like crazy... Always makes me think, analyse over the year and feel I am very blessed to even be alive. But its also very scary, everything goes so quick and sometimes you forget what to prioritise. We are so up in our lifes and having our comfortable routines that you forget whats important...

One of the biggest things this year was probably me taking a risk quitting my day job and went for a Design Competition for a Reality TV Show filmed in The Philippines. This is one of my biggest "YOLO" moments ever! I'm the sensible organised one that never do crazy things like that. I loved the experience but not necessarily the TV bit of it. But hey I tried and it was a 2 1/2 weeks of joy and met some amazing people. But this made me realise that I need more of these moments, I basically shat my pants when I did this but I DID IT! Self growth is very important and not getting out of your comfort zone you will never grow as a individual. I struggled when I got back without a job and a double rent to pay but look at me, here I am with two part time jobs I like and doing my own creative things and still trying to push for better things. I am so grateful for what I have but also I am still struggling with certain things ( that have to be another post haha )

I want to thank all the people that has been a part of my year and my journey, even the people I did cut off for various reasons. I learnt from every situation and person for good or bad. But I wanna say big up to the people that made me smile and laugh in tuff situations. Without you I would never be able to get through anything, THANK YOU! You know who you are...

2014 we had a love & hate relationship and I now welcome 2015 in my life, bring it on!

Sooo a few things that happen this year:

  • I cut a fringe, very risky but I like it!
  • I was one of the contestants for FashionOne's Design Genius
  • Cut certain people off that showed no effort being in my life
  • Lost a very special friend, made me realise how small some things are
  • Tried to smile as much as possible
  • Released some new material
  • I'm now an auntie for another beautiful little girl
  • My Kimonos are now in process of being manufactured 
  • I redesigned this beautiful website for you guys
  • So much more probably did happen but this is how I sum it up...
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Jasmine Furelid

Why is it just because you are different people stare, they talk about you behind your back, whisper and you can feel their awkward and annoying energy. I have always been different from a young age. With different I mean I haven't been dressing like everyone else around me ( even though I don't think I'm that outrageous haha ). It has been a hard journey and even harder when I was younger. You know how kids are... School was pretty difficult but dont get me wrong a lot of the people I had around me did love what I was doing but you need to constantly be stronger then them to stick out. I'm from Sweden aswell where everyone ( at least back in the day) pretty much looks the same.

I manage to get through it but then when I got to Secondary school it was even harder which surprised me. At that point people are not kids anymore right. I wouldn't say I was bullied but people always comment on things, ALL THE FUCKING TIME! And to be fair, a lot of the jokes were pretty funny. But lets be honest here, who want to hear shit about everything you wearing day after day like a broken record?! I came to a point were I was going to change school but I never went for it in the end... As a young girl my confidence were pretty low so being different was a struggle, BUT it was ME! Why am I going to exist in this world as someone I'm not?! And this is something I constantly have to remind myself of. I should be able to express myself how I want without people making a big deal out of it right?

I am lot older now and have much more confidence in myself to actually not care. But then saying that, I do care in some ways. We all have our days right and todays society is very shallow and so is the industry I'm in. So to sum it up, I basically dont give a F**K but at the same time I do?! 

I realised after all these years people still looking, they still talk and most probably talk behind your back what type of weird trainers I had on that event or my hair looked crazy. They did it back then, they doing it now so why change for someone?! There will always be people hating on you so you might aswell do what you doing and ignore them! There is no other way... 

I still get it even today where people comment on things, always have someone comparing me to like people or celebs; " Omg, you look like ...." And usually they get it completely wrong from wherever I got my inspiration from. But today I can suck it in, realise I'm not like everyone else and appreciate my uniqueness and so should you. We are all unique and different in our own ways even if it's looks or more spiritual, is just about you finding it within yourself. 

I wanted to share my story because I know it is a lot of young people probably going through the same thing and trust me is not easy to be strong and keep it up all the time. But you just have to, stand up for yourself cause at the end of the day thats what life is in most situations. Be strong and stand up for what you believe in, YOU!

So next time when you comment on whats someone is wearing in a pisstaking kind of way, do it with kindness or not at all....


Be beautiful

Be different

Be special

Be honest

Be humble

Be confident

BE YOU...!

Video & Makeup: Ala Hojat

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Jasmine Furelid

When Agenda approach me being a part of The New Chieftains I was so honoured since I am a big fan of his photography, skills and his mind. I met Agenda a few years back when I first moved to London when he approach me to model for him. I did a few shoots and the result was always spot on ( See images below ). What I didn't like ( at the time ) is that he always said to me while shooting: "No Jazzy, Im just testing the settings right now..." So I obviously I didn't pose as I normally do and he managed to catch ( without me knowing ) me just being natural. Now, thats is exactly what I do like about his photography. He don't just capture an amazing picture, there is life to his photography and he captures peoples souls. 


 Agenda X JFStylissimo previous shoots 

Meaning of A New Chieftain:

"The New Chieftains are a unique tribe of talent who embody tenacity and resilience. They are non-conformists whose instinct to succeed is driven by passion, instinct, endeavour and challenge. These qualities, alongside the way in which they approach life and work, amplify their unconventionality. They can be found in many different arenas including education, design, philanthropy, food and music. The New Chieftains do not cut corners in an effort to succeed."

So we did the shoot in my room, where all the magic happens :) This is where I style myself, create new things and develop ideas and constantly working so I thought it was the perfect spot for us to shoot. In the picture below you can see a few of my key things in my life when it comes to me and my creative work: My macbook, my sewing machine, my mannequin and off course my life moodboard. This represent me and Im so glad he captured everything in one pic.

I had a chat with Agendas sister Daphne on the phone and we ended up chatting for ages. She sums me up in beautiful words and I am thankful and also happy to be able to share this with you guys!



"Brave little warrior she is not. She does not care who may stop and stare, as the creativity that comes from her is worth it. She shows many faces; who will she be today?

Daring to push boundaries laid before her, 'a trier' not design to quit Jasmine comes boundlessly with a cool energy dunked in the softness of her heart.

The Stylish Stylissimo knows her subjects reading them telepathically, getting into their psyche crowning them in their full glory. But where is her crown? Though her road has been tough she has walked thrugh it in her own tenacious way looking only towards her inner self as the ultimate guiding light.

Always continue to be you Jasmine. "


You can now pop in to Nude Espresso, 26 Hanbury Street London to see the massive canvas of my face and the rest of The New Chieftains hanging on the wall. I did get pretty shocked first time I went in since I didnt realise the canvas was that big! It will be there for another 6 weeks so make sure you grab a coffe and enjoy the view of The New Chieftains!

Also watch out for behind the scenes shots COMING SOON!


Follow The New Chieftains here:



Follow Agenda here:






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Jasmine Furelid

I was approached by my journalist friend Anna Maria Brostrom a little while back to do some features on Made In Shoreditch Magazine with my fashion tips. I was more then happy to get involved in this and my first feature was "5 must haves in your wardrobe" according to me. 

Anna Maria came to my house and I showed her my room where all my creative things, sewing and DIY business happens. We wanted a shot where my love for clothes would be shown, above you can see one part of my wardrobe, yeah you heard; ONE PART! I also have a rail and loads of suitcases in my basement.... Im always that woman that says: " I don't have any clothes!" But really, I have quite a lot I just want new ones all the time ( greedy much?! ) haha! There is a word for that actually...hmmm... Ah yes, SHOPOHOLIC! 

Below you can see what 5 things I think Is a good investment for your wardrobe. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more fashion tips on Made In Shoreditch by yours truly...

The Hat, get the rimmed hat from H&M

-A hat is always stylish and warm as well. I think that a hat really sets the touch to an outfit. It is definitely a thing you should have in your wardrobe. Some may not be comfortable wearing a hat but it’s a good way to cover a bad hair day.

The Leather Jacket, get this one is from H&M.

-A leather jacket is a must have, a good investment and a basic piece in your wardrobe. I prefer edgy biker jackets. A standard black leather jacket works with everything and it looks really clean.


The Furcollar, get this one on Ebay

-It’s all about the fur baby! This is a vintage fur collar that I matched with a light weight jacket to make it warmer. It puts a touch of luxury to your outfit and it is removable, so I’m wearing it to almost all of my jackets.

The Glasses, buy these on Ebay

-Sunglasses is something that everyone should invest in. I have a thing for sunglasses/glasses and these red 70’s ones are a good break-up to my usual urban look. I like them big and massive, a statement. 

The Boots, shop these on Beyond Retro

 -These boots are also vintage. I rarely wear high heel shoes and since I wear a lot of street wear, I like to break it off with this chunky heel type of look. They are comfortable but I still feel more dressed up than with just trainers.

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Jasmine Furelid

Today I woke up with a smile on my face for no particular reason. The last couple of months been very hard and I have been feeling the London struggle even more then usual. After my adventure in The Philippines I came back to reality again, without a job and I wasn't even sure if I was able to pay my rent. But my mindset was really good and the first couple of weeks I was ok. I applied for probably 5 - 10 jobs a day but when that didn't end up in results I got a bit worried. For me it was hard to understand since I have more then 14 years experience in retail and I wondered what am I doing wrong?!

After a month I manage to get a job in a little vintage shop in East which was a relief. I still didn't know how I was going to be able to pay a double rent and it freaked me out!  I can go into a lot of details with my whole life situation but I wont bore you... Basically what I realise the last month is that in every situation you are in, good or bad you always need to use your mind to create what you want and what you need in your life. I have been really down and stressed for various reasons but everyday I am trying to make something out of that and make it into a life experience. And I will tell you, IT WORKS! It is all about your mindset and how you approach situations and life. I have put up a front of being happy and full of jokes and laughter cause that is what you have to do, is like a front. So sometimes people don't know whats going on behind this front but for me, making my best to cover it will bring you joy and you might even make other people happy and fulfil their day cause now a days kindness and manners are very rare. It is also crazy how in todays society you are actually surprised if someone says something nice, being polite or just doing a nice gesture. And this is what scares me...

The last week been really good even though I worked 6 days in a row and dealing with other things at the same time. But I am also really blessed and I had a really positive mind even though I haven't  been that happy. The people or shall I call them strangers that I bumped into or talked to the last month have been amazing human beings that shared their story and life experience and I think because of my mindset right now I attracted it to myself. I don't think I ever talked to these many strangers and appreciate every little second of it. Either its been stories I can relate to or some stories that I don't get or don't agree with it but I can appreciate it. You gave me so much life and triggered a really curious part of myself that I don't normally have. I am so grateful for these amazing human beings even if they don't know it...

When I was in this struggle I knew that in the end the dots will connect. But when you are in it, it is very hard to see. I just knew deep down that I will look back on this and be like "AHAAAAA" I get it now! I am a strong believer that 'Everything happens for a reason' like I didn't get a certain job because I was ment to be doing this or that or I wouldn't bump in to so and so if it wasn't for that specific situation. This is what they call faith or destiny right?! I also call it timing. Probably 80-90% in life is timing, which sometimes sucks but you just have to learn to live with it. I am also a big music lover and lately I started to explore it even more and found some new amazing artists that been keeping me happy in tricky situation when you are down. And that my friends, helped me a lot!

I guess what I am trying to say is, appreciate what you are actually surrounded by with it be people, situations, events and other things that life throws at you. Even if it is bad things or messy situations, there is always something positive around you and to smile about but is just up to you and your soul to see it. And don't let your mind play tricks on you cause your thoughts creates what you want in life. I want to thank all the amazing strangers for letting me hear their personal stories and giving me their positive energy, I am beyond grateful.

And on that note I am now going to chill and relax since I have another 6 days of work this week, but bare in mind I still have that smile on my face that I woke up to!

Thank you!


"Fantasy is what people want but reality is what they need, and I just retired from the fantasy..."

                                                                                                                             - Lauren Hill                            

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