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28 Hägervägen
Enskede, Stockholms län, 122 39

fe:male store is a Cool Colourful Raw Femininity Unisex Fashion & Accessories store with a touch of inspiration from Korean streetstyle. For people that likes it different and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

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fe:male store blog is where you find the latest updates about fashion, new products and creativity and also the process of building a brand as an entrepreneur and what obstacles you can come across. Join our community!

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Jasmine Furelid

Today I woke up with a smile on my face for no particular reason. The last couple of months been very hard and I have been feeling the London struggle even more then usual. After my adventure in The Philippines I came back to reality again, without a job and I wasn't even sure if I was able to pay my rent. But my mindset was really good and the first couple of weeks I was ok. I applied for probably 5 - 10 jobs a day but when that didn't end up in results I got a bit worried. For me it was hard to understand since I have more then 14 years experience in retail and I wondered what am I doing wrong?!

After a month I manage to get a job in a little vintage shop in East which was a relief. I still didn't know how I was going to be able to pay a double rent and it freaked me out!  I can go into a lot of details with my whole life situation but I wont bore you... Basically what I realise the last month is that in every situation you are in, good or bad you always need to use your mind to create what you want and what you need in your life. I have been really down and stressed for various reasons but everyday I am trying to make something out of that and make it into a life experience. And I will tell you, IT WORKS! It is all about your mindset and how you approach situations and life. I have put up a front of being happy and full of jokes and laughter cause that is what you have to do, is like a front. So sometimes people don't know whats going on behind this front but for me, making my best to cover it will bring you joy and you might even make other people happy and fulfil their day cause now a days kindness and manners are very rare. It is also crazy how in todays society you are actually surprised if someone says something nice, being polite or just doing a nice gesture. And this is what scares me...

The last week been really good even though I worked 6 days in a row and dealing with other things at the same time. But I am also really blessed and I had a really positive mind even though I haven't  been that happy. The people or shall I call them strangers that I bumped into or talked to the last month have been amazing human beings that shared their story and life experience and I think because of my mindset right now I attracted it to myself. I don't think I ever talked to these many strangers and appreciate every little second of it. Either its been stories I can relate to or some stories that I don't get or don't agree with it but I can appreciate it. You gave me so much life and triggered a really curious part of myself that I don't normally have. I am so grateful for these amazing human beings even if they don't know it...

When I was in this struggle I knew that in the end the dots will connect. But when you are in it, it is very hard to see. I just knew deep down that I will look back on this and be like "AHAAAAA" I get it now! I am a strong believer that 'Everything happens for a reason' like I didn't get a certain job because I was ment to be doing this or that or I wouldn't bump in to so and so if it wasn't for that specific situation. This is what they call faith or destiny right?! I also call it timing. Probably 80-90% in life is timing, which sometimes sucks but you just have to learn to live with it. I am also a big music lover and lately I started to explore it even more and found some new amazing artists that been keeping me happy in tricky situation when you are down. And that my friends, helped me a lot!

I guess what I am trying to say is, appreciate what you are actually surrounded by with it be people, situations, events and other things that life throws at you. Even if it is bad things or messy situations, there is always something positive around you and to smile about but is just up to you and your soul to see it. And don't let your mind play tricks on you cause your thoughts creates what you want in life. I want to thank all the amazing strangers for letting me hear their personal stories and giving me their positive energy, I am beyond grateful.

And on that note I am now going to chill and relax since I have another 6 days of work this week, but bare in mind I still have that smile on my face that I woke up to!

Thank you!


"Fantasy is what people want but reality is what they need, and I just retired from the fantasy..."

                                                                                                                             - Lauren Hill                            

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Jasmine Furelid


So after almost 3 years working for Carhartt WIP in Earlham Street, Covent Garden London UK I sadly had to leave these beautiful people behind. Im heading for another new adventure in my life so I decided that it was time. I manage to get into a competition. A reality show called Design Genius ( for a fashion channel called Fashion One. Is not every day these thing happens so I had to take the opportunity when I had it. It is a risk, but that is what life is all about right?! I'm remaining more positive then ever and cant wait for a new era in my life.

My time in Carhartt has been amazing. My crew has been there for me in any situation, good or bad. I've been crying, I've been laughing out loud, I've been working hard, I've been dancing, I've been a diva, I've been talking too much as always, I've also met interesting people but most of all I had the sickest time with my crew that also became my very good friends. I am so blessed and thankful to been able to meet so interesting, amazing, caring and lovely human beings. Thank you for putting up with me and my crazy self and thank you for sharing your thoughts that inspired me a lot. It has been a pleasure and I'm glad for you to be a part of my journey. For those who knows me knows I dont usually write a lot of things, for me is more visuals but this time I had to!

It is an end of an amazing era but also the beginning of another one... To be continued...

Peace, Love & Light

XX Jasmine XX

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