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28 Hägervägen
Enskede, Stockholms län, 122 39

fe:male store is a Cool Colourful Raw Femininity Unisex Fashion & Accessories store with a touch of inspiration from Korean streetstyle. For people that likes it different and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

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fe:male store blog is where you find the latest updates about fashion, new products and creativity and also the process of building a brand as an entrepreneur and what obstacles you can come across. Join our community!

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Jasmine Furelid

Why is it just because you are different people stare, they talk about you behind your back, whisper and you can feel their awkward and annoying energy. I have always been different from a young age. With different I mean I haven't been dressing like everyone else around me ( even though I don't think I'm that outrageous haha ). It has been a hard journey and even harder when I was younger. You know how kids are... School was pretty difficult but dont get me wrong a lot of the people I had around me did love what I was doing but you need to constantly be stronger then them to stick out. I'm from Sweden aswell where everyone ( at least back in the day) pretty much looks the same.

I manage to get through it but then when I got to Secondary school it was even harder which surprised me. At that point people are not kids anymore right. I wouldn't say I was bullied but people always comment on things, ALL THE FUCKING TIME! And to be fair, a lot of the jokes were pretty funny. But lets be honest here, who want to hear shit about everything you wearing day after day like a broken record?! I came to a point were I was going to change school but I never went for it in the end... As a young girl my confidence were pretty low so being different was a struggle, BUT it was ME! Why am I going to exist in this world as someone I'm not?! And this is something I constantly have to remind myself of. I should be able to express myself how I want without people making a big deal out of it right?

I am lot older now and have much more confidence in myself to actually not care. But then saying that, I do care in some ways. We all have our days right and todays society is very shallow and so is the industry I'm in. So to sum it up, I basically dont give a F**K but at the same time I do?! 

I realised after all these years people still looking, they still talk and most probably talk behind your back what type of weird trainers I had on that event or my hair looked crazy. They did it back then, they doing it now so why change for someone?! There will always be people hating on you so you might aswell do what you doing and ignore them! There is no other way... 

I still get it even today where people comment on things, always have someone comparing me to like people or celebs; " Omg, you look like ...." And usually they get it completely wrong from wherever I got my inspiration from. But today I can suck it in, realise I'm not like everyone else and appreciate my uniqueness and so should you. We are all unique and different in our own ways even if it's looks or more spiritual, is just about you finding it within yourself. 

I wanted to share my story because I know it is a lot of young people probably going through the same thing and trust me is not easy to be strong and keep it up all the time. But you just have to, stand up for yourself cause at the end of the day thats what life is in most situations. Be strong and stand up for what you believe in, YOU!

So next time when you comment on whats someone is wearing in a pisstaking kind of way, do it with kindness or not at all....


Be beautiful

Be different

Be special

Be honest

Be humble

Be confident

BE YOU...!

Video & Makeup: Ala Hojat

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